m4v to mpegM4V is a Mac-based file extension used in the iTunes store. If you download any videos from iTunes, it will have the M4V extension. M4V can be read by all Mac products, like iPhone and iPod Touch, but it is not widely readable in non-Mac devices and programs. If you want to use the video from an M4V file in programs that cannot read the M4V file extension, you need to convert M4V to MPEG. M4V to MPEG Converter is one outstanding M4V to MPEG Converter which can smoothly convert M4V to MPEG with fast speed and excellent quality. Besides, users are allowed to edit output video effect, video length, video aspect ratio etc.

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How to Convert M4V to MPEG?

Step 1. Download M4V to MPEG Converter, set up and run it.

convert m4v to mpeg

Step 2. Click Add... button to import M4V file to convert M4V to MPEG.

Step 3. Click to choose M4V files you want to convert M4V to MPEG format and click Profile drop-down list to select a MPEG profile.

Step 4. When all these steps done, click "Start" button to start to convert M4V to MPEG.

This M4V to MPEG Converter is easy to use, fast in speed, and excellent in quality to convert M4V to MPEG. Why not free download to have a try, and enjoy the powerful M4V to MPEG Converter to convert M4V to MPEG right now?

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