M4V to MKV

m4v to mkvQ: I have a number of Handbrake DVD rips in m4v format because I intended to play them on my AppleTV. Is there any relatively quick and easy way to convert these to a format such as mkv that will play on the Popcornhour with the 5.1 soundtrack?

A:We recommend M4V to MKV Converter which can convert M4V to MKV perfectly. With super fast speed and an easy-to-use interface, it makes M4V to MKV conversion routine very simple. Enjoy your MKV video file made from an M4V file on your PC with such as an affordable M4V to MKV tool.

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How to Convert M4V to MKV?

Step 1. Download M4V to MKV Converter, set up and run it.

convert m4v to mkv

Step 2. Choose "Add..." and navigate to the files you want to add. After video files are imported successfully, you will see all of them listed in the program with respective thumbnails.

Step 3. Simply click the format icon to open output format list, choose MKV format from the drop-down list.

Step 4. When you are ready to convert the added videos, Click the "Start" button to start conversion.

This excellent M4V to MKV Converter supports multi-threading and batch processing, so you can convert several video files in one go and enjoy the fastest conversion speed ever!

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